International Mineralogical Association
Handbook of Mineralogy
The Mineralogical Record

Mineral Dealers

John Betts Fine Minerals
Dakota Matrix Minerals
David K. Joyce Minerals
Kaygeedee Minerals
Systematic Mineralogy
Shannon & Son’s Minerals
Excallibur Mineral Corp.
Systematic Minerals
OBG International Gems and Minerals
Marin Mineral
B and L Fine Minerals

Other Sites/Pages of Interest
Althor Products (containers for mineral specimens)
Crystal Growing by Udo J.A. Behner
Mineral Collecting (topical essay by Rock Currier)
Preservation of Mineral Species
Care and Conservation of Mineral Specimens
Here Be Dragons (an excellent essay on dealing with radioactives)
The Photographic Periodic Table
Element Displays ( custom periodic table displays)
Theodore Gray (renowned element collector)
Metallium (on-line store for element samples)
Periodic Videos (porn for chemists: a video on every element and then some)

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