Cadmoselite and Hafnon

Yesterday I received two more mineral specimens from Dakota Matrix.  They were ordered from the website’s Rare Mineral Specimen section where the more exotic species are periodically listed, in this case from the collection of Donald F. Phillips.  The first is Cadmoselite, a welcome addition to my cadmium minerals, it appears as a tiny amount of black metallic powder sealed in a gelatin capsule.  This  is the only cadmium selenide and I now have one third of all applicable species making up my Cadmium Suite.  No doubt it’s extremely toxic, but I only have what looks like about 1/16th of a teaspoon…

The next minuscule mineral is Hafnon, the hafnium analogue to Zircon.  According to there are only two legitimate mineral species that contain hafnium to any appreciable degree beyond “Hafnian Zircon“:  Hafnon, HfSiO4 and Zektzerite, LiNa(Zr,Ti,Hf)Si6O15.  The Hafnon appears as a very tiny amount of orangey sand sealed in a stoppered glass vial; its inclusion completes my Hafnium Suite.

Cadmoselite, Hafnon, and my beer

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